Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Redecorating Project - Target for Change: TV cabinet

Here's the first item up in my redecorating project this summer.  

I have had this TV cabinet for many years and it has been a functional piece for me. I wanted to be able to move it around so I added wheels to the bottom, but they weren't very secure and I always worried that I was going to tip my TV over. With my nephew's help, the first thing I did was add a plywood piece on the bottom and larger wheels.  I had some satin paint left over from painting my studio/workroom upstairs (PPG Julep Green) and wanted to try chalk paint so I checked around on Pinterest and elsewhere for instructions. 
  1. I used a recipe with calcium carbonate that I found here
  2. I purchased the calcium carbonate on Amazon here
  3. I purchased French vintage ads from CreatifBelle on Etsy.
Then it was just a question of painting the stand inside and out.  

One glitch was with the graphics.  I tried a transfer technique that was a miserable failure so  - back to the drawing board! I ended up printing the graphics on good quality matte photo paper, trimmed around the edges, glued them down with gel matte medium, and added a satin poly topcoat.  

The floral knobs were saves from a long-ago project. I knew I would have a use for them someday!

 The inside was painted as well, and a few of my wooden CD boxes got a coat of spray paint.


I gathered some decor pieces from other places in my home and, along with one of the French graphics mounted on a scrap piece of wood,  I was done!  

What's next?

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