Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Nine Lives Lap Quilt

Here's a story about a lap quilt with nine lives. This rustic wall hanging is life number six, I think. More about how it was done later.  Let me explain.

It all started several Christmases ago when my niece gave me the quilt on the left in this photo.  I loved it, still love it - it is so soft and cuddly! And she guessed well on colors that would work in my living room.  A year or so later - sometime in 2011, I think - I wanted to make some new back pillows for my sofa so I asked my niece if she had any fabric scraps left from the quilt.  She did, so I traded her for those scraps and created these pillows on the right for my sofa.

That fall, I created this banner, using lengths of fabric for the ties and the hanger strip, adding pine cones, paper pennants, silk leaves and berries.  The banner sold promptly in my Etsy shop.

In 2012, I created another banner, this time sewing the pennants with two layers of fabric, and again using fabric strips for ties.  It also sold promptly.

Let's see, is this life number four?

Here it is, 2013, and here's the latest banner.  Once again, the quilt fabric was used for the rectangular pennants and strips for the tie bows.  You guessed it - it just sold in my etsy shop!

Which brings us to the wall hanging I showed you at the beginning.  Creating the hanging was so simple I can tell you what I did without photos (because I again forgot to take progress photos!).  I took these old shower curtain rings, cut strips of the fabric and tied them in knots all around three of the rings.

The backing was created with two fabric rectangles on the front and two on the back, stitched up all sides and trimmed with pinking shears.  I created little tabs out of fabric to attach the rings to the backing, and added little star buttons to the tabs.

As a final touch, I used twine to attach a piece of dried branch to the top and created a hanger.  


The entire wall hanging was created from materials I had on hand.  I love when that happens!  And that's life number six.  

I have only really little pieces left now, so it will be a stretch to get to nine lives.  HOWEVER, I'm seriously thinking of doing a different covering for my sofa.  If I took those pillows apart I would have a lot more fabric to work with.  Hmmm ....

Stay tuned for the next installment of The Nine Lives Lap Quilt!

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  1. Too cute, great reuse for old shower rings! Thanks for linking up to the Upcycled Linky Party at

  2. Hi greetings from England! Wow this is truly beautiful! I am inspired to recreate in paper form! Saw you over at Mad Skills Party and had to take a closer look! Have linked up to follow as well! Lisa @ Vintage Celebrations

  3. Oh may, it gets better all the time. ... Now, Felicia, I have a surprise for you: your banner is featured today at FineCraftGuild! Check it out and go brag about it. Your 'I'm featured' badge is here: Put it on your blog!


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