Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shabby Chic Pink Lamp

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, The Dedicated House's Anything Blue Friday is Anything Blue AND Pink Friday for this week, so I'm reprinting my tutorial for this shabby chic pink mini lamp.  This was one of my favorite tutorials - I think the transformation was quite stunning, don't you?  Enjoy!
 I acquired this forlorn little 11-inch high lamp when a friend's closet was getting cleaned out. In spite of the bad shape it was in, I thought it was cute and had potential, as they say!

When I started cleaning it that's when I realized that the wire frame was permanently attached.  Not only that, the fabric shade was also glued tight to the wire frame.  I'll save you all the messy details; suffice to say they involved a lot of cutting, scraping, and lots of Goof Off and Lacquer Thinner.

Once the lamp was cleaned and dried, I spray painted the base and the wire a lovely soft pink.

Once again, I'll spare you the details, but I tried about four different treatments for the shade - fabric, rice paper, ribbon trim, yarn.  I wasn't happy with any of them, and working with an attached frame presented some serious challenges.   I finally decided on a shabby chic look.  I had three fabric remnants in the pink family.
I cut strips about 5 inches long from each of the three fabrics.
 And I tied knots along all of the wires in the frame.
I didn't want to paint over the electrical information printed on the stem, so I just wrapped it with a piece of fabric. 
Here's a closeup of the ties.

 So here it is.  After many false starts, I'm pleased with the final result!

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