Friday, October 18, 2013

My Encounter with an Icon

 Creativity is the ability to introduce 
order into the randomness of nature. 
- Eric Hoffer

In the late 1960s I lived in San Francisco, still my favorite city. Eric Hoffer (1902-1983) was an author, poet, and philosopher. A modest man who identified with the working class because that was the life he led, his musings and writings were deceptively simple but profound. 

He was often called the "longshoreman philosopher" and that's how I happened to observe him up close and personal, so to speak. Hoffer spent a lot of time at his favorite restaurant on Fisherman's Wharf, often with a small group of people at his table. Quite by accident, I sat near his table a few times and it was something to observe. He carried on a normal conversation with his friends, but it seemed that anything he said was such pure poetry that both his friends and diners at nearby tables hung on his every word.  The area all around him would become strangely silent as we all strained to listen to what he said!

I never met him directly, but I was thrilled and honored to have had these small encounters with him. According to his bio, he retired from public life in 1970 but I like to imagine that he still continued to dine with his friends (and nearby admirers) long after that. Thank you, Mr. Hoffer!

If you're interested, you can Google him and find a ton of Eric Hoffer quotes.


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