Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stash Buster Fall Wreath

 I follow quite a few blogs and among my favorites is Carolyn's Homework.  She always has such great projects and beautiful eye candy.

Yesterday when I checked in with her blog I laughed to see that Carolyn and I were on the same wave length.  She posted her Stash Buster Fall Wreath, a wreath she created entirely from materials she had on hand.
 Stash Buster Fall Wreath via homework (9)

Probably at about the same time, I had been doing a quick re-do of MY porch wreath, entirely out of materials I had on hand.  For quite awhile now, I have been trying to restrict my spending to items that I absolutely NEEDED, not wanted.  It becomes a bit of a game with me to try to look around my home with new eyes, imagining how I can re-do, re-work, re-purpose what I have.  It's fun! 

So ... here are some views of my very small front porch and wreath over the last few years.


Pink was the color for my spring and summer porch. 

Unfortunately, I apparently didn't take a picture of the most recent update, which included a large pink bouquet of silk flowers like this on the wreath.   

I hate when I forget to take pictures ... 

So ... flash forward to yesterday and Caroline's and my wreath update.  In spite of the fact that we are having a one-day heat wave in Michigan today (record-setting mid-90s temps), fall is here, and in two more days our temps will be down to the 60s.

So here's how I created my own Stash Buster fall wreath!

I had already picked up two pots of fall mums and probably within no more than half an hour, I quickly stripped the wreath, spray painted it with an ivory color paint, and while it was drying I pulled out some fall flowers, berries, that cute little scarecrow, a basket of dried hydrangeas and the fleece throw. It just took a moment to wire the materials on to the wreath, toss the throw on the chair and arrange the flowers.  Trust me, I really don't get too wrapped up in tweaking or taking a lot of time with these quickie decorations - I don't have the time to stress and finesse.   

I think the porch and the wreath are now set until the snow starts falling. Have you transitioned yet to autumn?

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