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Upcycled Christmas Angels Tutorial

One of the bloggers I follow - Knick of Time - is sponsoring a Christmas in July linky party with two other bloggers.  Since I'm also having a Christmas in July sale in both of my etsy shops, I thought I would update a Christmas tutorial I posted back in 2010. 

Like most artists/crafters, I save things.  "I'm going to do something with that some day."  Which is why I still had some spindles from book shelves I used 25 years a long time ago.  I had a small Christmas angel ornament made of wood pieces that was given to me by a friend, and I really liked it.

So that was my inspiration to finally do something with those spindles.  I first cut the spindles down to various sizes. 

I drew some angel wings free-hand, made a paper template and cut them out of thin plywood with my band saw.

You can see that some of the spindles were in rough shape since they had been painted over several times. So I sanded, used wood filler if necessary, and gave them all a coat of primer.

I had some unfinished wood stars so those went on the front of the angels.

Now the mess starts!  Are you like me? I pull EVERYTHING out and I pile so much on my work table that I end up working in a space about 8 inches square!  ( I dream of a studio with standing height tables ALL AROUND THE ROOM. But I digress ....)

I have quite a collection.  Will I ever use it all up??

When I have some little things to spray paint and/or glitter, I use a floral foam block.  I just strung a wire around these pine cones, stuck them in the foam and spray painted them all around. The wire allowed me to hold them while I glittered them, then back to the foam to dry.  Works pretty well.

Here we go a-gluing ... a-gluing ... a-gluing ....

 Here I'm just starting to glue the decorations on the front star.  No secret technique here, except that I start on the outside and work toward the middle and keep tucking in pieces until it's good and full.  The ribbon bow is usually the last thing I add.

"Ready for my closeup."  

Here's some of the angels I created.  Although most have been sold, I still have a few listed in the sale section in my shop.

 Here's the littlest angel - just 4-1/2 inches high.

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Just a Reminder

Don't forget that I have a Christmas in July 50% off sale going on in both of my Etsy shops.  Photographs and Collage Prints in my Another Bright Idea shop.

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Taming the Universe

And EVERYTHING is half off  in my More Bright Ideas shop!   Stop by!
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Christmas in July - I Must be Crazy!

I'm joining up with lots of Etsy sellers for the annual Christmas in July sale.  What's different this year is that I have lost my mind and put almost everything at:

50% OFF!

In my Another Bright Idea shop, all photographs, digital collages, inspirational prints - even the sale items - are half off.  This shop will eventually transition to only digital downloads, so now's the time to grab what you want because it will soon be gone forever.  Here's some that will be going bye-bye eventually.
50% OFF CIJ SALE My Favorite Rose Digital Photograph
My Favorite Rose Photograph
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A Friend Digital Collage

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A Rose After the Rain Photograph
50% OFF CIJ SALE Taming the Universe Digital Collage Print
Taming the Universe Digital Collage

My More Bright Ideas shop is ALL half off. Everything!  This is also the shop that has all my Christmas crafts, so it's a great time to stock up early.  Here's some of what's on sale.

50% OFF CIJ SALE Wrapped Wreath with Gold Glittered Pear and Gold Embossed Ribbon
Wrapped Wreath with Golden Pear
50% OFF CIJ SALE Frosty the Snowman Wooden Block with Lyrics
Frosty the Snowman block

And that's just a sample. You know you want it all!! See you at the shop!

A Photo a Day in my June Garden - THE END

My photo a day in my June garden is now finished.  I'm proud to say I didn't miss a day!  For the final three days I featured my three favorite things. Here they are and why they are favorites.

My third favorite is the pond I built.  I found the water pump in a junk pile behind a flea market many years ago.  I had never built a pond before, so the experience was all new, all hit and miss.  The pump was in bad shape, rusty and falling apart.  I had to remove most of the original mechanisms for the pump and then work the rubber tubing up through it. It has since been sponge painted with outdoor paints.  I laid down a platform of 12x12 patio bricks, then stacked the regular size bricks for the pump to sit on. Then it was just a question of running the electrical cord and setting up the pump and barrels.  The wooden barrels are getting pretty beat up after all these years, so this pond may get replaced next year.  My "junk" pump will stay though!

 My second favorite thing in my garden is this farm fairy, bought at a gift/garden shop.  I bought it the same weekend I found the pump.   The gift shop owner told me she buys these from a farmer wife in Kentucky who makes these.  I just love her! To me she reflects exactly how I feel when winter is finally over and my spring garden is starting to bloom. That's when my Kentucky fairy comes out to play!

My #l favorite in my garden is this stepping stone.   The stone was created and given to me by one of my favorite people, my niece, the oldest of my many nieces and nephews.  She is one of the kindest, sweetest people I know and she is raising four wonderful children.  But you see only three handprints, right? Her youngest daughter had not yet been born (and not even expected) when this stone was created.  That daughter is now 15 years old, so I can easily remember how long this sweet gift has been in my garden.  Yes, indeed - all love is sweet!

Thanks for following along with my project! 

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Happy Birthday, America!

Enjoy the holiday. Be safe!
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