Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Do You Have Time to Read?

I used to read a lot of books, probably a book a week at minimum.  That was before computers ... before my online shops ... before a blog ...!  It bothers me, and I'm trying to carve out time to get back to it.  In the meantime ...

One of my sisters is a constant reader.  She loves mystery writers, especially female mystery writers (Kathy Reichs, Catherine Coulter, Nora Roberts, Patricia Cornwell, Allison Brennan),  some political and historical books (Scott Turow, Bernard Goldberg, Bob Woodward, John LeCarre).  She is also in the process of downsizing to a very cool  independent living place so I offered to take some of her books and try to sell them online for her.  That's how I ended up with a lotta lotta books.  And there will be more!!!

I have them posted online, but I thought I would mention it here in case you or someone you know has the same passion for these types of books.  I also must say that she's very careful with her books; they are spotless and look brand new.   If you're interested, I can bill you through Paypal for the book plus media mail shipping, which is very reasonable.

Email me (a-b-i@comcast.net) and I'll shoot back a list of the books that are available.

I thank you, my sister thanks you, we all thank you ....

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