Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Ain't Over Til I Say So!

Ever since I opened my shops on Etsy and started this blog, I'm always amazed at how early ... and how quickly ... the internet jumps the holidays.  We hadn't even hit Christmas Day when I saw Valentine's Day products appearing.  I still have trouble getting started early enough to be ready in time with products, decorations, and tutorials.  It didn't help that for some reason I just couldn't get into the holiday spirit this year. I did decorate my home this year but probably did less than half of what I normally do.

I wanted to take photos but I have this problem: all the windows in my condo are northern exposures and there's an overhang outside that cuts the light. It's bad enough under normal circumstances, but in the weeks leading up to Christmas we had such dark, dreary days that getting enough light to take photos was impossible.  We finally got a sunny day AFTER Christmas.  These photos still aren't great but they'll have to do until I can figure out some lighting setups.  It's really quite aggravating ....

Anyway, here's some of my Christmas decor before it comes down, probably over the New Year's weekend.

I caved in this year and bought a small tabletop tree. It's getting harder and harder for me to lug my 6' artificial tree up from the basement and set it up so the inexpensive tabletop tree is a test.  We'll see how I feel next year.

I love this garland that I bought on closeout a few years ago.  As you can see, blue-green shades of color are prominent in my home.
 I'm still on my self-imposed recycle/repurpose kick and not buying supplies, but I did break down when I saw some Martha Stewart tinsel glitter on closeout.  So I glittered my formerly gold glass balls. I didn't want all the ornaments the same dark shade as on the right, so I mixed the tinsel glitter with some of Martha's fine white glitter.  Depending on how much white glitter I mixed in, I was able to lighten the color for some of the ornaments.

One thing I like best about Christmas decorations is that most everything has some special meaning so it's one long trip down memory lane, with thoughts of dear family, friends and past holidays.  I decorated these carolers probably 25 years ago and the little Hershey's truck was a gift from a friend to add to my collection of vintage and reproduction tins.
 This little vintage carriage was given to me by one of my sisters many Christmases ago and it's a favorite.
I bought this stained glass Santa sleigh and reindeer somewhere in Milwaukee when I visited that same sister one year.

This woodland Santa was also a gift from a friend.  Love him!

My "living room" and "dining room" are one big room. This wall is next to the dining table and chairs that I refinished last year.
I actually put up those floating shelves myself a few years ago before I really knew what a tutorial was. My aim was to be able to re-arrange displays and framed work without putting a lot of holes in the wall. It serves its purpose, although I don't change things up as much as I thought I would.  

And what do you think of my "book" shelves?  

When I take down my decorations this weekend I'll try to get some photos of the floating shelves and the "book" shelves so I can tell you how I did them.  There's lots of tutorials out there now on how to do the book shelves, but when I created mine I only found one method so that's what I used. And I totally winged it for the floating shelves. I'm sure there's better methods but ... mine works for me.

I'll also tell you the story of the sisterhood of those traveling vases! But that's for another day.

My final "show and tell" is my memory wreath.  This wreath is very large (and very heavy!) - 36" diameter.  Since my tree is usually a "theme" decor that has changed from year to year, I started using this wreath for all the other ornaments I had, either gifts or  samples of the ornaments I have given to my family every year for quite a long time. There's also ornaments saved from the collections of departed family members.  Each and every one of these brings back a memory and I never fail to stop and let my eyes and my mind wander to thoughts of dear people and Christmases past.  

So there you are. I now declare Christmas is officially over. But I hope I can keep the spirit of Christmas in my heart all year long.  I hope you can too!

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  1. All of your christmas decorting is beautiful .. Your small Christmas Tree is wonderful!

    I am especially impressed with your floating book shelves! They are awesome! Will be looking forward to your tutorial...


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