Saturday, November 26, 2011

What a Busy Weekend!

No, no, no - I'm not out shopping at the malls.  Do not, do not like the embarrassing spectacle of Black Friday. I can't think of anything I want that badly that I would put myself in the middle of that unruly mob!  I don't have a lot of gifts to give; I have no husband or children, and my extended family is HUGE, so we decided long ago to exchange names rather than trying to give gifts to a lot of people and bankrupting ourselves in the process.  Besides, I have always created the personal gifts I give to friends and family.  I'm very grateful that I have the talent to do that, and everyone seems to appreciate those gifts so much more than a big-box-store-something.

I'm busy around the house.  I relaxed on Thanksgiving day, and yesterday I did some "weatherproofing" around the house and cleaned out my workroom.  I could barely turn around in there with all the mess!  I also made a few small Etsy sales yesterday, so I'll be packing and shipping those today.  I sure hope I have a lot of sales over the next few weeks - I am totally out of room to store the products I have listed in my More Bright Ideas shop.

Here's my latest listing:

Today is decorating day and it's a test. For years I put up a 5-1/2' artificial Christmas tree.  But it has become more and more of a chore for me (you know, my bad back) to drag everything up from the dungeon basement, put it together and decorate. Even worse is taking it down! Many times I have had to get my teen nephews over here to help me out.  Last week I spontaneously picked up a 3' tabletop tree so I'm going to see how that works out.  I love doing holiday decorating, but since I no longer host my family Christmas party every year I have been cutting back little by little on my former decorating extravaganzas.  Things change ....

Well, it's not going to get done until I get off the computer!  Before I go, here's a reminder:

Through midnight on Cyber Monday, I'm offering 15% off any purchases in either one or both of my shops:

Insert code: THANKS

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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