Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Memories

Not that I'm alone in this, but this has been - is still - a particularly busy season for me.  I know it's me putting pressure on me, because I know that once that calendar turns over to January I am going to be singularly focused on other more important issues, like my major surgery. So I have been pushing every day to get as much done as I can. 

That makes me feel a little guilty because last year on this blog I wrote about a lot of Christmas memories and traditions that I cherish. Such a slacker I am this year! The cartoon above is so true for me - setting up the Christmas tree, the decorations, and especially my memory wreath take me on a huge stroll down memory lane.  I wrote extensively last year about my memory wreath, here.  It's up again this year and I'm having my moments of reverie. Here's some sweet memories that I didn't mention last year. 

A friend gave me this ornament when I bought my condo just before Christmas almost 20 years ago.  It was - and is - the first home I ever owned, so it was a big deal for me.

My older sister has done quite a bit of cross-stitch over the years. Here's one she gave me many years ago.

Here's another "Noel" cross-stitch she did. I embroidered the shoe? boot? many years ago in the first year of my marriage. (It was the ONLY year of my marriage, but we won't go there....)

My Wisconsin sister gave me this ornament. She worked for the Milwaukee Admirals (semi-pro hockey) for many years. She's not too happy with them now, because she was let go during a major cutback a few years ago.
 Oh well, sometimes the memories aren't all that happy ... but even the sucky memories combine with the good ones to make us wholly who we are.

The memory wreath is full of ornaments I make every year for everyone in my family, or at least the ones here in town who come to the family Christmas get-together.  That's upwards of 40 ornaments, so I have to come up with some idea that I can do in an assembly line fashion.  This year's ornaments aren't hugely fancy, but cute.  Here's a sneak peek - I don't want to give too much away in case some family is reading this!

How are you doing? What do you do that evokes the most holiday memories for you? 


  1. wonderful post! You should add a link to this over at

    We decorated the tree last weekend. It was great- my aunt helped for the 1st time (they just moved south this week) & most of the specialty ornaments were from her over the last 30+ years. She had so much fun telling our son all the stories behind each one

  2. How sweet is that, Stacey. Just think - those are future memories for your son!

    I'll check out that link - thanks!

  3. I think even with the bad years, the ornaments serve to remind us that we still had something to celebrate; that at the worst times, there was something shiny and bright in our lives. Surely that's worth remembering!

  4. What a nice thought, Carapace. Thank you!


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