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... Until I'm gone."

You love your family, right?  

Have you written a letter to them sharing your love and final thoughts after you are gone?

If you haven't, imagine this.

You pass.  No letter, notice, last few words, zilch, nada, nothing...   Can you imagine the grief your loved ones will have at that point?

Now imagine you spent the time to write that thoughtful letter for your family to open.  It is a gift many of us don't consider.  But, it is huge with helping them through the grieving process.  

Do not discount this!  It could be the most important letter you have ever written.

Here are some tips for such a letter:
  1. Be sincere to show your conviction
  2. Show affection to fill their hearts
  3. Provide caring wisdom they can take forward
  4. But, most importantly, be yourself.  

Your family already knows you.  They simply want to hear you one last time. Let them do so.

The safest place for your letter is with your copy of The Beneficiary Book, the Gift of Answers®.

The Beneficiary Book will give them all of the important financial, medical, and practical information they need to settle your estate and then to carry on without you.  

Go here to find out how valuable a document the Beneficiary Book can be.

I am an affiliate partner with The Beneficiary Book and receive a small percentage of each sale through my link in the above post.  I agreed to the affiliation because I have used the Book for at least 10 years and believe in it.  Please consider it. 

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