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Are you prepared?

One week ago today, we buried my brother.  He was just two years older than me, but suffered a long and painful illness.  It reminded me again how important it is for all of us to leave adequate instructions for those who survive us.  The emotional loss is enough; we don't need to leave our families with months of uncertainty in wrapping up the financial and practical aspects of our lives. Think about it - think about all the details of your life that perhaps even your spouse isn't aware of, perhaps something as simple as how to shut off the outdoor sprinklers for the winter.  The Beneficiary Book can help you prepare for all of that.

I am an affiliate partner with The Beneficiary Book and receive a small percentage of each sale through my link in the above post.  I agreed to the affiliation because I have used the Book for at least 10 years and believe in it.  Please consider it. 

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Monday, March 13, 2017

The Beneficiary Book - An Invaluable Resource

That’s a note I left at the funeral home for one of my best friends who passed away very suddenly just two days after Christmas. She was quite a few years younger than me. Things like that make you stop and think – again – that there’s no guarantee we will be here tomorrow, or next week, or the next year. I know my friend was very organized – several 3” binders full of recipes in clear sleeves! – so I hope that whatever practical matters she handled in her marriage were equally organized and shared with her husband.

A few times over the years I have personally been in the position of helping to reconstruct the financial and practical aspects of someone’s life after their sudden death or their memory loss from stroke or dementia. I have friends who have also been in this position and the emotional and physical toll this takes on family and friends can be devastating. Stop and think about it – right now, how would the ones you leave behind find everything they need to know about your ever more complicated life? Even if you are married or have a partner there’s probably many responsibilities each of you handle that the other person isn’t intimately familiar with, not to mention what your wishes are for end of life.  It’s not something any of us like to talk about.

Since I’m single and live alone, that fact weighed on me even more so. So back in 2007-08 I purchased a product called The Beneficiary Book.  What a brilliant idea!  The PDF file is the most complete document you could have that gathers in one place everything that you and your heirs would need. It’s divided by sections with pages to type into or print and fill in by hand for you and every member of your family, if needed. I guarantee you, there are items in this Book that you would have never thought of documenting.  I have my Beneficiary Book in a 3-ring binder with section dividers. 

I won’t lie, gathering the information the first time takes a little bit of effort. The practical information, such as bank accounts, accounts to be closed, etc., are easy to find and record. Now that I have it put together, I take a look and update if necessary at least once a year, usually right now at tax time. I find that's a good time to do it, since I have all my papers already pulled out for tax purposes (or for shredding purposes).  The tougher parts to complete are the more personal ones – preferred burial arrangements, bequests to certain people, thoughts and reflections, etc.   I’m still noodling some of that! 

This book has given me such a sense of relief that my loved ones will have less of a struggle when I’m gone.  Since I’m a long time customer, I was recently contacted by The Beneficiary Book and offered the chance to become an affiliate partner. I agreed immediately because I’m so sold on this concept. Trust me, once you see what this book can do for you and your family, you will be sold too!

Please use this affiliate link to go to the web page to see what a wealth of information is included. I receive a small percentage of sales when you purchase through this link.   

 The Beneficiary Book

Please let me know if I can answer any questions.

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