Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Address Block Mosaic Tutorial

 During the summer I did some cleaning up and rearranging in my patio garden and ended up with some extra bricks and these cement blocks.  I didn't want to get rid of them and so had my usual "I can do something with this" thoughts. 

 I had seen some mosaic garden art on Pinterest and I liked that idea.  The front of my condo has a pink dogwood tree in front that covers up my house number so I decided to do something for the front of my condo.

I scrounged around my house - yes, I tend to be a saver - "I can do something with this," remember? - and here's what I found.

Lots of sea glass.
Leftover tile pieces from a bathroom remodel (*cough cough*) 20 years ago.

I just slipped the pieces into a plastic bag and tapped away with a hammer!

A trip to Michael's for pre-mixed mosaic grout and some good glue, and I was ready to get going.

After scrubbing and drying the cement blocks, I printed out plain numbers on paper and used them as a template to chalk on to the blocks.

I glued the numbers with the sea glass pieces first. I then filled in around them with the white tile pieces.  The glue was white but dried clear.  

 I also had a handful of decorative mosaic pieces - leaves, flowers, butterflies, etc. - that I bought a long time ago for some forgotten project, so I incorporated them into the mosaic.  I left the opening in the blocks at the top so I can plant flowers in the summer, and probably some Christmas decor later.  

Here they are, just after the grouting is finished. Yes, I forgot to take a few more photos of the process.   Sigh. 
Here's a link to several mosaic projects that will tell you everything you need to know if you haven't done mosaics before.  I had only done it once previously, many years ago.  It's not that difficult as long as you know the steps to take.    http://www.architecturendesign.net/28-stunning-mosaic-projects-for-your-garden/

Here's the end result in place.

Here's why I wanted the address visible.  The tree on the right completely covers my porch area and house number.

Here's what's hidden behind the tree!
All in all, for such a quick 2-day project I'm pleased with how it turned out.  And I think it serves its purpose - to make my house number visible from the street. 

I still have plenty of tile pieces, sea glass and grout left, so I'm sure I'll be doing more projects.

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