Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Nine Lives Quilt Reaches the End

Three years ago I told the story of my nine lives lap quilt here.

Basically, it all started when my dear sweet niece made a lovely lap quilt for me and I traded her for the left over scraps.  I used the scraps to make some back pillows for my sofa, and used even more scraps to make banners and wall hangings, which promptly sold in my Etsy shop.  At that point I figured I had used up about six of the lap quilt's nine lives.

Fast forward to this summer, when I redecorated the main floor of my condo and no longer needed the pillows. So ... of course, I had to take the pillows apart and make more banners and hangers!
Rustic Autumn Banner 1

Rustic Autumn Banner 2
Rustic Wall Hanging 1

Rustic Wall Hanging 2
Rustic Wall Hanging 3

Ladies and Gentlemen, the nine lives are now complete.  There is no more. 

(Oh wait. I still have a zip lock bag of teeny tiny pieces ....)

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