Monday, February 3, 2014

Now It's the Knees ....

My scarce blog posts just might get even more "scarce-r" for a while since I'm off - reluctantly - to another surgery on Tuesday.  If you follow my blog at all you'll know that I have gone through several back fusion surgeries, the most recent a complete revision surgery about two years ago. So far so good - my back continues to be just fine. 

This time it's a left knee replacement.  Probably followed some time later by a right knee replacement.  I have been getting treatment with lubricant and cortisone injections for about a year now but they just aren't working anymore.  I hate having to go through another surgery - or two - but I hate even more the limitations on my life and mobility that pain brings. So it's another surgery.  This is getting old! 

Perhaps once I'm through this latest recuperation I'll develop a new burst of creative energy, which has been sorely lacking for a while now.  Wish me luck! 

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