Friday, November 8, 2013

Christmas Ornaments for the Cook

It's that time of year when the holidays keep coming and coming.  Halloween's done, Thanksgiving is coming soon, and Christmas ... oh my ... Christmas!  Truth be told I have been working on Christmas items for a while already and thinking about the holiday festivities.  

"Visions of sugarplums danced in their heads ..."  I'm Polish - visions of PIEROGI dance in MY head!  The holidays are about the only times I allow myself to eat all those wonderful Polish foods I grew up on.

So last year for Christmas I made some pierogi ornaments for the family.  This year I decided to expand my food ornament repertoire and create more ornaments for the cooks I know.  How about ravioli, dumplings, and potstickers in addition to pierogi?


Ecru felt
Jingle Bells

 The process was quite simple.  I figured out my dimensions and created templates for the ornaments, then cut out the fabric.

The (approximate) dimensions I used:

Dumpling - 6" diameter circle
Pierogi - 5" x 4.25" oval
Potsticker - 4.25" square
Ravioli - 3" square


After stitching on a loop for hanging, I took a running stitch by hand around the edge of the fabric.  I added a ball of polyfil inside and pulled the thread tight, gathering and shaping the ornament as shown.

I strung the jingle bell on ribbon, created a ribbon bow, and stitched it down to the dumpling.  


The pierogi are simply folded over, stuffed with polyfil, and machine stitched around the edge, then trimmed with pinking shears.

The jingle bell and ribbon bow were added in the same way as above.


For the potstickers, I pulled up opposite ends of the square and used dabs of fabric glue to hold the edges together, with polyfil added and the hanging loop stitched in the middle.

The jingle bell and ribbon bow were then added.


The ravioli are perhaps the simplest to make.  Two pieces of fabric are filled with polyfil and machine stitched around the edges.  The edges are then trimmed with pinking shears and the bell and bow added.

I love these ornaments!  They were quite easy to put together and I think they'll bring a smile to cooks and chefs for Christmas!

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  1. What a sweet idea and creative Christmas ornaments! I love the little jingle bells attached to them too! Very cute!

  2. These ornaments are so cute ! Love them and they seem so easy to make :-)


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