Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sports Fans Love Brewed Adornments

I think Detroit and Michigan sports fans are among the most dedicated fans anywhere.  They live and die along with their teams and they're not afraid to show it!  Brewed Adornments fits the need:  here's a Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup winner necklace.*  Have you visited to read about the artist and comment to win a $40 gift certificate to the shop?  Go here to enter:  In the Michigan Studio with Brewed Adornments and a Giveaway

Brutal Elegance - Red Wing Stanley Cup Bottle Cap Necklace
Brutal Elegance - Red Wings Stanley Cup Bottle Cap Necklace

* - You have to click over and see the price AND the description for this Bottle Cap Necklace.   Wow!

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  1. Each year, I like to take a bottle cap and create something truly unique and special. This is last year's creation and by far my favorite. Thanks so much Felicia for everything!


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