Friday, July 5, 2013

Christmas in July - I Must be Crazy!

I'm joining up with lots of Etsy sellers for the annual Christmas in July sale.  What's different this year is that I have lost my mind and put almost everything at:

50% OFF!

In my Another Bright Idea shop, all photographs, digital collages, inspirational prints - even the sale items - are half off.  This shop will eventually transition to only digital downloads, so now's the time to grab what you want because it will soon be gone forever.  Here's some that will be going bye-bye eventually.
50% OFF CIJ SALE My Favorite Rose Digital Photograph
My Favorite Rose Photograph
50% OFF CIJ SALE A Friend Digital Collage
A Friend Digital Collage

50% OFF CIJ SALE A Rose After the Rain Digital Photograph
A Rose After the Rain Photograph
50% OFF CIJ SALE Taming the Universe Digital Collage Print
Taming the Universe Digital Collage

My More Bright Ideas shop is ALL half off. Everything!  This is also the shop that has all my Christmas crafts, so it's a great time to stock up early.  Here's some of what's on sale.

50% OFF CIJ SALE Wrapped Wreath with Gold Glittered Pear and Gold Embossed Ribbon
Wrapped Wreath with Golden Pear
50% OFF CIJ SALE Frosty the Snowman Wooden Block with Lyrics
Frosty the Snowman block

And that's just a sample. You know you want it all!! See you at the shop!

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