Saturday, June 8, 2013

Photo a Day in my June Garden

A couple of weeks ago I decided to copy an idea from my friend Stacey at Artsnark and do a garden photo a day.  I think Stacey is doing an entire year but I'm not that ambitious and, besides, I have a small patio garden!  So I'm doing June - a photo a day in my June garden. Even though my garden seems to be a little slow getting started this year, I figured I would have plenty of subjects this month.

I'm posting them each day on my Facebook page so you can like my page there and follow daily if you like.  Otherwise, I'll try to remember to add a weekly summary here. 

While you're here, have you entered yet to win one of breathing moment's necklaces?  Please do - just a few more days left.  Go here.

Here's Days 1 through 7 in my garden. Enjoy!

Stargazer Lily
Fairy Garden
Gerbera and Shasta Daisies
Silver Fairy and Fairy Poem

Coral Bells

Goldmoss Sedum

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