Monday, June 3, 2013

Easy Maintenance, Easy Projects with Miracle-Gro

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I live in Michigan. We have weather.  All KINDS of weather.  And after the never-ending Winter we had this year I was positively giddy when Spring finally came and I could get out to plant in my little patio garden. 
Unfortunately, I realize that I have to make some concessions because of my bad knees, bad back, bad shoulder, bad wrist.  Ouch!   I want only inexpensive, easy to do projects, and I want to simplify my garden maintenance as much as I can.  I have been using Scott's Miracle-Gro products for years and I'm happy to see that they are right there to help me.

For maintenance, I’m all in for  LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit .  It attaches right to my garden hose so I can water and feed my plants at the same time.  It features a 4-pattern sprayer and locking trigger that minimizes hand fatigue. Yes – just what my sore wrists need!!
For an inexpensive and simple project, this year I decided to plant my annuals in pots rather than in the ground – it means less bending and kneeling for me.  For an inexpensive way to create some pops of color and save some money, I gathered up all those odd and miscellaneous pots I already have and used a few cans of spray paint to unify the look, mostly in pinks and greens.  Once the pots were dry, I used Moisture Control Potting Mix and planted my annuals.

Need some inspiration and easy projects for your garden? Go to The Gro Project  for some easy designs with instructions.  I’m going to do a version of the Toyrarium – I think it’s sweet!
Be sure to sign up and follow fun garden projects on Pinterest.  I browsed the boards for some inspiration and got the urge to paint my pots. You’ll see lots of easy projects and gardening information. 
My favorite garden project this year came about by accident.  A large clay pot cracked into pieces because I forgot to bring it in before winter.  I was intrigued with some of the broken pieces and one thing led to another.

I planted two of my little painted pots with some little annuals. When I get a paint spray can in my hands it’s hard to stop me.  So I grabbed some flat rocks that I saved from a vacation in Michigan’s thumb area and painted them too!

I took one of the broken pot pieces and partially buried it in a corner of my garden to create a half-circle. 

I added the two pink pots, arranged the colored stones and as a final touch added one of my fairy sculptures.  How easy is that?!

Miracle-Gro's website Miracle-Gro has all kinds of tips, instructions, and projects to keep you happy all summer long! 
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  1. Une très jolie composition grâce à un accident... De belles idées et une superbe publication.
    Gros bisous à vous;


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