Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Funnies and a Birthday

I have had this cartoon for many years and it always makes me smile.  Perhaps because I'm an April baby but also because this month brings Spring's renewal to our lives. I get positively silly when the earth warms and everything starts blooming!

Today is also my birthday - my 70th birthday.  There - I said it - and it makes me laugh!  Seventy!?!  I feel much younger in my head until I look in the mirror and my mother's reflection stares back at me. Yep, makes me laugh!  

My family is gathering today for another occasion, so even though the spotlight will be on someone else, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.  I'm sure there will be lots of birthday wishes and lots of sarcastic comments about my age.  Family - gotta love 'em!

So enjoy your day - I'm sure my day will be a mix of tears, laughter and some somber birthday reflection. 


  1. I can't believe you are 70, Felicia! You certainly seem many years younger than that in appearance and attitude. I thought you were younger than me when we first "met"! I guess creative folks are just different that way! I hope you enjoy your special day with family and friends.

  2. Yeah Felicia....... and I'm 62 next September. Don't believe you girlie! Have a great Birthday!

  3. Thanks, Mitzi and Lisa! Yep, it's true - I'm officially old. I figured it was time I stopped avoiding admitting my age. It is kind of liberating. LOL!!

  4. 70 and still blogging? Conrats Lady! You rock!


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