Friday, March 29, 2013

Carousel Wooden Plaque Tutorial

I'm continuing my quest to recycle/repurpose/use up all of the bits and pieces and supplies I have been hoarding saving.  I'm also preparing to submit some of my pieces to a local art/craft shop that opened recently in my neighborhood.

Sometimes a piece comes together easily without a lot of time and angst from me.  This is one of those projects.  It just worked out nicely for me and I'm pleased with the result.

Supplies used: 
Painted wooden board - 9" wide x 16" high x 1/2" deep
Carousel horse collage print
Decorative wood pieces
Scrabble letters
Wood glue/spray glue
Acrylic gloss finish
Hook for hanging

This is one of my favorite photo collages. I took the carousel photos several years ago and created the collage later.

I honestly can't remember what I originally planned for this painted wooden board but I thought it might work for what I had in mind.
I cut and painted some miscellaneous trim pieces left over from other projects, and scrabble letters from my stash.

I put it all together, using spray glue for the print and wood glue for all of the wood pieces.  Finally, I finished it with a hook on the back for hanging and a final acrylic gloss finish for protection.

As I said, it all came together very quickly (except for some drying time).  I wish ALL of my projects came together that easily.

Just so you know, the unmounted carousel print "Ride with me on the Carousel of my Dreams" is on sale for 50% off  in my etsy shop for a limited time only.  

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