Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This Year's Ornament - SMACZNY!

Now that the holidays are ending, I can show you the ornaments I made for the family this year. I am Polish, and Christmas is the one time of year I allow myself to indulge in those Polish foods I grew up with.  Goodies like kielbasa, Polish ham, pierogi, kruschiki.  There's no way I could eat these foods during the year - way too much fat and carbs.  But oh, how I love them, especially those potato and cheese pierogi!  So I decided to immortalize them with an ornament this year.

They were pretty easy for me to make since I had made the real thing many times as a child.  I created a cardboard template. I found that the slightly oval shape worked better than a perfect circle to give the pierogi the right shape when filled.

 I used 100% Merino wool felt in Ecru from my friend Janet's etsy shop Felt on the Fly.  I cut the shapes with pinking shears and also cut some narrow strips to loop at the top.

Before I stuffed and sewed the ornaments, I used transfer paper to create personalized names for the front tag and the phrase "Smaczny 2012" for the back of the ornaments. Smaczny means "tasty" or "very very good." (The word even sounds like you're smacking your lips!)

I didn't take photos of the process, but I think you can tell how easy it is.  Simply fold the fabric over, stuff it with a little fiberfill, sew, and tack on a sweet little bow.  Easy peasy!

My family had a good laugh when they opened their ornaments this year!

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