Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wishing you ....


  1. I made a pine cone wreath with all the pine cones from our own trees. My hands are not strong enough to pull the wire that you used so I used hot glue,"very care fully, only a few burns". It turned out really nice. I sprayed it white then put glitter on it with a few pretty red shiny decoration's. I am very pleased with it and it feels special because I picked my own cone's. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful craft. Joyce

    1. Joyce, I'm so pleased that my instructions helped you to create your own wreath. (I sometimes use hot glue also!) Something you can create with your own hands makes it very special, so much more special than something that is store bought. I'm so happy that you tried it and that you let me know of your success. Thank you!!!

  2. ive got some small ones to sell if anyone is interested from my tree


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