Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Traveling Artists Roadshow Final 2012 Event

We had our last Traveling Artists Roadshow holiday show and last show of 2012 last Saturday.  It was a very nice event in a nice facility.  I had all holiday products in the show and I spent all day today photographing and posting some new work on Etsy that I hadn't had time to list earlier. 

I'm actually looking forward to a break from the shows to get my home organized for the holidays.  And, oh yeah, getting a little rest too!

Here's some images from my display at the show.


  1. Very nice display, Felicia. I'm sure those shows are a lot of work, but hopefully they are worth your while and you have fun.
    Glad to hear that you get a break to enjoy the Holidays! ALOHA!~

  2. I like your display, Felicia. Is that little white bench the one you bought in Howell? Very nice! I hope you keep on selling, we still have some time left!


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