Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Four Season Garden - Soon!

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I love my little patio garden and especially enjoy the spring and summer, when everything is fresh and new and blooming.  However, for any number of reasons, most of which had to do with a too-full art show schedule, my  gardening chores got away from me this year.  Add that to the strange up and down weather we had last winter and spring, and I ended up losing a few plants. 

I really don’t like the way my garden looks in the fall, when most of my plants are on their last legs.  And for whatever reason, I have neglected planning for a fall garden (and even for some winter interest)  so that it’s beautiful all through all the seasons.  Well, that stops this year. 

 I have been doing some research on Miracle-Gro’s site Find beauty in the Fall for fall-blooming flowers and found that although mums are the all-time favorites, asters and pansies are also good candidates.  I think I would like to plant both mums and asters. 


I'll use this to plant:


Miracle-Gro recommends feeding them with Miracle-Gro® Water-Soluble All Purpose Plant Food every 7-14 days and watering as needed until the first frost.

Miracle-Gro’s web site Gardenieres  has videos from Gardenieres, real-life gardening enthusiasts hand-picked to give real-world experiences for all parts of the country to help with our gardening challenges.   Gina is covering the Midwest so since I’m in Michigan she’s practically a neighbor.  I think Gina and I are going to become good friends!

(1) Miracle-Gro

Here's Gina’s video about how she has planned her garden for all four seasons:

I’m going to “like” Miracle-Gro Facebook page where I can get tips and advice from other gardeners.  How about you?

 I’m excited about doing more planning so I too can have a four-season garden! 


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