Saturday, October 20, 2012

Follow My Own Advice?

When I "signed up" with a group of local artists to form the Traveling Artists Roadshow, it never occurred to me that it would consume my time as much as it has. I'm not complaining, mind you - I so thoroughly enjoy being with these women.  It's so refreshing to be among people who "get" me and whose many talents push me to become a better artist. However, creating, cataloging, preparing work for the shows we have done along with the administrative duties involved with the group has severely impacted my time.  If you're a regular here you have probably noticed that my  posts are few and far between lately.  I'm also not paying as much attention as I should to my Etsy shops.  And let's not talk about the toll it is taking on household tasks and responsibilities.  It occurs to me I'm not necessarily following my own affirmations advice!

Backing up a little, last Christmas I took advantage of one of the discounts offered on a blog I follow and bought a Silhouette Cameo. I wanted it primarily to cut letters out of vinyl or paper because it is so tedious to cut them by hand.  Unfortunately, I haven't taken enough time to really work with it. 

However, I have been using it lately to create Affirmation blocks from some recycled wood pieces.  The wood pieces were leftovers from my staircase redo a while back.  It's a simple process to paint and distress the wood pieces, cut the words from vinyl and add them to the blocks.  I then coat the blocks with a poly finish and they are done!  

My first batch of blocks sold very well at our TARS shows, I'm happy to say. 

We have two holiday shows scheduled on November 10 and December 1, so I have been working on more seasonally appropriate blocks.

I really enjoy coming up with the Affirmations words for the blocks.  Each block has words on both sides so the combinations are almost endless.  I have "wasted" a fair amount of time playing with word groups that speak to me.  And that's where following my own advice comes in.  

With everything I have going on, the pressure is on to keep working, keep moving, keep creating. You wouldn't believe how many simultaneous tasks I am working on right now.  Some times I get quite manic that I really have to just stop, calm down, breathe, and ...


How about you? Do you follow your own advice?


  1. Felicia, I never follow my own advice! I need to stop and smell the roses.....I have a couple die-hards left in my garden!

  2. Oops, I meant to say I love the blocks....I think the colors are lovely, and I like the words you selected!


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