Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Felt on the Fly Indeed!!

Over the weekend my sister's son came over to visit his mom and to give me a break from my caregiver duties for a while.  I wanted to visit the American Sewing Expo where my friend Janet had her first-ever display.

Janet sells the most gorgeous felt for arts and crafts - not just ANY felt:100% MERINO WOOL FELT imported from Europe!  You must read about how she fell in love with felt  here and eventually created her business, importing felt  from suppliers in other countries.

Here's Janet at work.

What strikes me the most about the felt that Janet carries is the most delicious pure colors the felt comes in.  And how wonderfully soft and touchable it is.  Take a look at the colors:

 Don't those colors just make your mouth water???  My mind is racing with possible uses in my art for this felt.  What about you?

Janet's etsy shop is full of this glorious goodness.  Visit her here:

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  1. Wow! Your gorgeous photos totally make me want to buy a ton of felt! I'm going to visit Janet's Etsy shop and save it as a favorite so when I need felt, I'll buy it from her from now on!


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