Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Funnies

Just in time for Halloween!!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Autumn and Antiques and Ahhhhh!

This week we were blessed with a few of those gorgeous autumn days - temperatures in the 70s and the explosion of fall color doing its best to hang on, knowing its days are numbered.  Yesterday was one of those days, and I was delighted to enjoy a much needed escape from my frenetically busy schedule lately.

For the longest time I have wanted to take a drive to the Lansing, Michigan, area to finally meet one of my long-time online friends, Mitzi Curi.  Mitzi is an enthusiastic supporter, crafter, and seller of vintage collectibles and crafty treasures.  I interviewed her here for my In the Michigan Studio series way back in 2010.  She has a great blog where she writes about the treasures she finds to sell in her spaces at three different Michigan antique malls.  And yes, of course, she also has an etsy shop - Mitzi's Collectibles - where she sells her crafted items and vintage treasures. She has a great sense of humor, is endlessly knowledgeable about the world of antiques and vintage, and teaches me a lot about that world with her weekly "show and tell" posts.

I finally got the push to take the trip from another friend, Janet from Felt on the Fly.  Janet sells the most luscious 100% Merino wool felt from Europe in her etsy shop. She also has a blog: Felt on the Fly.   I wrote about her booth at the recent American Sewing Expo.  She loves vintage and antiques, especially vintage linens.  When she said she would like to visit Mitzi as well, I immediately made plans.

We decided to meet at one of Mitzi's booth locations in the Livingston Antique Outlet in Howell, Michigan.  First things first, though - a delicious lunch at Tomato Brothers restaurant near the outlet.  Then on to explore the antique mall.  It's a huge place - almost 33,000 square feet!

The front yard had some interesting vignettes ...

 And this unique creature guards the front door ...

Here's Mitzi's two booths; good stuff!

Mitzi brought in some new items to stock: this table ...

And this lovely patchwork quilt ...

Janet inspected this quilt. Possible sale here ...

We made our rounds of all the booths and found a few treasures.  I picked up a tray and a little doll bench, both of which I'll paint and use for displays at the next Traveling Artists Roadshow. (If I had deeper pockets, I would have walked out of there with a LOT of stuff!)

It was such great fun to finally meet Mitzi, who is as delightful in person as I guessed she would be.  And it was enjoyable to spend a little one-on-one time with Janet.  We're three women who are very busy with our lives and our respective businesses, so it was a treat for us to take a few hours off to relax and get away from "the office."

Here we are, winding down and getting ready to head home.  That's Janet on the left, Mitzi on the right, and I'm the little munchkin in the middle.


What a nice day! We pledged to do it again ... soon. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sunday Funnies

Follow My Own Advice?

When I "signed up" with a group of local artists to form the Traveling Artists Roadshow, it never occurred to me that it would consume my time as much as it has. I'm not complaining, mind you - I so thoroughly enjoy being with these women.  It's so refreshing to be among people who "get" me and whose many talents push me to become a better artist. However, creating, cataloging, preparing work for the shows we have done along with the administrative duties involved with the group has severely impacted my time.  If you're a regular here you have probably noticed that my  posts are few and far between lately.  I'm also not paying as much attention as I should to my Etsy shops.  And let's not talk about the toll it is taking on household tasks and responsibilities.  It occurs to me I'm not necessarily following my own affirmations advice!

Backing up a little, last Christmas I took advantage of one of the discounts offered on a blog I follow and bought a Silhouette Cameo. I wanted it primarily to cut letters out of vinyl or paper because it is so tedious to cut them by hand.  Unfortunately, I haven't taken enough time to really work with it. 

However, I have been using it lately to create Affirmation blocks from some recycled wood pieces.  The wood pieces were leftovers from my staircase redo a while back.  It's a simple process to paint and distress the wood pieces, cut the words from vinyl and add them to the blocks.  I then coat the blocks with a poly finish and they are done!  

My first batch of blocks sold very well at our TARS shows, I'm happy to say. 

We have two holiday shows scheduled on November 10 and December 1, so I have been working on more seasonally appropriate blocks.

I really enjoy coming up with the Affirmations words for the blocks.  Each block has words on both sides so the combinations are almost endless.  I have "wasted" a fair amount of time playing with word groups that speak to me.  And that's where following my own advice comes in.  

With everything I have going on, the pressure is on to keep working, keep moving, keep creating. You wouldn't believe how many simultaneous tasks I am working on right now.  Some times I get quite manic that I really have to just stop, calm down, breathe, and ...


How about you? Do you follow your own advice?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I've been featured!

Many months ago I was approached by the editor of Romantic Homes magazine. She asked if I would be willing to include my robin's egg blue wreath in their holiday issue.

I didn't think about it too much because I figured it was always possible it would end up not appearing.  I checked yesterday to see if the issue was on the newstands yet, and lo and behold:

I made it!!  With a full page photo no less!!

The downside is that she only used my Another Bright Idea link in the credit, but the wreath is in my More Bright Ideas shop, here:

I decided it's fun to be "published!" 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pink October

I'm a little late getting started to honor October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As I have written before, here and here, I lost my mom to breast cancer many years ago. So in her honor, for anything pink that is sold from either of my shops during the month, I will donate to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Since I love pink, there's lots of choices in my shops.  Here's a sampling from my Another Bright Idea shop: (click on the photo to go directly to the post.)

And there's lots more.  I'll be very lenient - if I see even a hint of pink in a piece, it counts for a donation!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Felt on the Fly Indeed!!

Over the weekend my sister's son came over to visit his mom and to give me a break from my caregiver duties for a while.  I wanted to visit the American Sewing Expo where my friend Janet had her first-ever display.

Janet sells the most gorgeous felt for arts and crafts - not just ANY felt:100% MERINO WOOL FELT imported from Europe!  You must read about how she fell in love with felt  here and eventually created her business, importing felt  from suppliers in other countries.

Here's Janet at work.

What strikes me the most about the felt that Janet carries is the most delicious pure colors the felt comes in.  And how wonderfully soft and touchable it is.  Take a look at the colors:

 Don't those colors just make your mouth water???  My mind is racing with possible uses in my art for this felt.  What about you?

Janet's etsy shop is full of this glorious goodness.  Visit her here:

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