Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting Ready - Traveling Artists Roadshow

Well, the Traveling Artists Roadshow is coming up on its fourth show this coming Saturday, September 8.  We'll have more artists in this show, and the word is steadily getting out about us. It's kind of exciting!

September is officially the start of autumn, never mind that it was close to 90 degrees and humid today.  So I have been going through my existing work to feature my fall oriented pieces. And I have been itching to create some new work.  Other life responsibilities have kept me away from my studio for much too long.  So I hunkered down over this Labor Day weekend and created some new work.

A few summers ago I spent a weekend at my friend's cottage in Oscoda, Michigan. I have used many of the photos I took that weekend in my art, either as straight photos or digitally altered collages.  I finally got around to using some photos of a barn that I stopped to photograph that weekend.  I'll have these digitally enhanced 8x10 prints available.

I'm also mounting these and some other photos on wood boards. Today is a dark dreary day so far, so I'm hoping I get some natural light later to get some good photos.

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