Thursday, September 20, 2012

Backing Her Up

I'm playing nurse for a while now for my big sister.  She had back surgery yesterday for badly herniated discs. Once she's discharged she'll be coming to my place to recuperate for a while before she goes back home.  As a veteran of back surgeries, I have all the "tools" (dressing aids) and equipment needed during that difficult time post-surgery.  Fortunately, her surgery was not quite as severe as mine, so I'm hoping she has an easy recovery.

Here's a photo of us back in 2007 at her surprise 70th birthday party.  This was post-one-of-my-surgeries - there's a glimpse of the back brace I had to wear.  The shirt I'm wearing was created for my traveling crew back in my working days. The saying "It's not that bad" was an inside joke, but regardless of the original intent of the shirt, it's saying is apropos for many situations!

I may be a little scarce for the next week or two while I'm playing Nurse Felicia.  Wish me luck!

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  1. She's lucky to have you for a Sis :) Best wishes for a speedy recovery


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