Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly August Garden

This is about the time in summer when the garden becomes ....

The Good
These dahlias and conflowers came back this year.  It's the first time I have been successful with coneflowers after about six tries (don't ask me why).  But I'm happy with these babies!

My reliable "English Garden" rose.  So delicate!

I'm still passionate about my "Passionate Kisses" rose.


This dahlia collapsed a few days ago.  I think we just had too much rain in too short a time. 
I don't know if it's going to revive itself.

And then there's ...

The Ugly Ugly Ugly

My pretty lavender Baby's Breath just gave up.   

I love the Bee Balm because I feel like I'm doing my part to save the bees.  But, oh boy, does it get ugly in late summer!  It gets tall, gangly, and scraggly on top, but I hate to cut it down until the bees have had their fill from the pods on top.  At least if I do cut it I know the bees can still get at the coneflower next to it.

I must get out there and clean up a little. We've either had heavy rain or super hot and humid days, neither conditions ideal for me to get out there and garden!  Seems like the weather has been crazy all over the place this summer.  How's your weather been??

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