Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Traveling Artists Roadshow - It's So Patty

We're closing in on the second Traveling Artists Roadshow on July 28.  (Every time I say that I freak out that we are already past the middle of July - where does the time go??)

I have so much enjoyed meeting and getting together with the artists that belong to this group.  One artist that I took an immediate liking to is Patty from It's So Patty Designs.  That's such an appropriate name for her shop because ... well, Patty is SO Patty!  A warm, funny, enthusiastic person, you know when Patty has entered the room ... laughing, talking, hugging everyone in the place!

Patty is a jewelry artist.  I can't explain the technical details of what she does - jewelry is something I have not tried (yet) - but I do know she does incredible work and I love it all. Here's a sampling. 

Even though I love jewelry, I don't wear much of it, and what I do wear is more often than not understated.  However, I am falling - hard - for some of Patty's work.  I'm afraid I will just have to do a little shopping at Patty's booth during our July show!  Here's some pieces I have my eye on.

 I could go on and on.  If you are anywhere near the metro Detroit area, you'll just have to come to our Traveling Artists Roadshow and see for yourself!  

Here's Patty's facebook page where you can see more of her gorgeous goodies.


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing! I'm a charter member of the 'I Love Patty Fan Club'

    : )

  2. I can tell Patty is a fun person just by looking at her picture! Her jewelry is lovely, too!


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