Saturday, July 7, 2012

Found While Looking for Something Else

On July 3, I stopped in to the Salvation Army thrift shop (dangerously close to where I live) to look for something I can use as a display for my next art show.  But right at the front of the shop a table display held a few sad left-over Independence Day decorations. And in the middle of the table were these.

 I swear I immediately saw a bright light shine down and heard heavenly music!  Yes, I know I'm determined to recycle, re-use, upcycle what I already own.  But come on, it's a thrift shop - anything in there qualifies as a recycle.  I didn't hesitate to scoop them up.


Here's the best part:

 I did a quick sanding and gave them a coat of primer.

 It's a little late for me to create anything for the Fourth, but there are more patriotic holidays to come.  And there's always Christmas!!

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