Friday, June 29, 2012

Privacy Wall/Storage Bench Tutorial

The second part of my summer patio project was a little more difficult than the first one I did, my Refinished Potting Bench.
You see, one corner of my enclosed patio is a “junk pile” – the location of the air conditioning unit and the spot where I keep broom, shovels, plant stakes, etc.  I hate looking at it and have always tried to think of some way to hide it.

Then two ideas came together to get my wheels churning for a solution. First, the bench I acquired when my sister downsized, and my intention to take every possible opportunity to use up supplies and materials I have on hand before I buy anything new.   Here’s the result.

I’m going to step through what I did although I won’t necessarily SHOW you how I did it, for two reasons. First, I sometimes forget to take in-process photos.   Second and more importantly, it’s like making sausage – you like the end result but you really don’t want to see it being made.  My techniques are sometimes messy and hit-or-miss so I wouldn’t want you to follow my lead! 

Here’s the bench.

When I took a good look at it, I noticed the back panel was cardboard, so that had to go. I wanted my unit to be easily movable, and as luck would have it, I had a set of casters from some other long forgotten project.  I had to add some plywood on the bottom of the unit to make it sturdy enough for the casters. 

I then sorted through all my left over wood pieces from various household projects, most of them baseboard trim from some remodels.  I laid the pieces out to fit the back of the bench, braced them on the back and glued and nailed them all together.

Next steps: Primer coat and first paint coat.

I decided to use glazing with the cream color paint over the blue layer on the back wall and part of the bench.  It’s not real visible in the photos, but it’s there.  

Once again I used these cabinet knobs that I got in a garage sale a while back.

 I wanted to hang some planters but I didn’t have any more garden pots to use.  I’m a semi-collector of tins so I grabbed these, two of them chocolate chip cookie tins from Doubletree Hotels that I acquired back in the day when I traveled for business.  Do the Doubletree Hotels still give out free cookies and milk?

 I used hammer and nail to put holes in the sides and used twine for hangers. 
 I'm going to use the storage bench for garden tools and miscellaneous supplies. That's sand in those buckets; I read once that you can keep your tools from rusting if you stick them in sand.

And there you have it.  My only expenses: an extra piece of plywood for the backing and four small black wastebaskets from the dollar store.

My privacy wall/storage bench is doing what I wanted it to do: it hides the mess and it's pretty to look at.  And that makes me happy!

Have you seen its companion: Refinished Potting Bench?

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  1. Tough to recognize the bench. What a nice job on that corner!

  2. Felicia, your creativity is AMAZING! I am going to have to check in with your blog more often. It is so fun to see how you do these crazy things and the end result is unreal!



  3. Looks fabulous !! Come link it up with us at our party: . This is something to show off!!

  4. What an amazing project! I am so impressed by your ingenuity. It looks like it is bought out of a high end gardening store. Great work. Jodi @

  5. Oh, I love it, what a great idea! And that it's pretty and usable makes it twice as good. Didn't know that about the sand. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks all for your comments. I appreciate it!!

  7. what an absolutely great idea and it looks beautiful!

  8. Thank you for linking it up at our party at

    I am seeing this for the second time now, and yes, it's still great.

    BTW it would be really nice if you would link back to the party from within your article. Thank you so much doing so in advance.

    Looking forward to your contributions again tomorrow, when a new party will open.

    Have a creative day,
    ~ Rose

  9. wow oh wow! I love how you came to the end result using all those bits and pieces! You did a fabulous job. Love the hooks and the plants hanging!
    thanks for linking up to catch as catch can


  10. Great storage and a great way to hide the things you don't want to see. Thanks for sharing.

  11. It's perfect! Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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