Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Garden Marathon

I knew I was going to have a few very busy weeks so a while back I did a garden shopping and planting marathon - all in one day!!

Since I had a gift card for the garden store from my niece, I decided to step out of my usual comfort zone and plant some of her favorite color combination - yellow and purple.  I surprised myself because I really really like it!

I was so thrilled to find this Black-eyed Susan vine to climb up two trellis posts.  It's climbing beautifully and blooming profusely. I'm quite sure by end of summer it will be over the top of the trellis. What more could I ask for?

 I repainted two of these flower boxes hanging on my fence.  I have had them forever and they're getting pretty nasty, so this might be their last year.  But in the meantime ...

I had some of the purples left over so I put them in these pots that I had painted for my nephew's graduation party last year.  I like this color combo too.

You've probably seen tutorials for stacked pots like this.  Not much to it - I just propped up the pots, put the soil in, and planted around the perimeter.  I hate when plants are spaced too far apart and look skimpy, but I may have overdone it here, although the plants seem to be doing well so far.  There wasn't a whole lot of room for the plants but I managed to get them in.  By the way, that's a yellow Gerbera Daisy on top and I'm just now getting new blooms.  I'll post an update in a few weeks.

OK, gotta run.  More garden tomorrow!

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