Monday, June 25, 2012

Fearless Visitors

Great. Just great.

I thought I had just one psycho raccoon that comes to my patio after midnight, manages to tear open my metal can with a locking lid (!) where I keep the bird seed, and settles inside for a long night's feast. 

I had no idea there was a family involved!  These two babies showed up tonight.  I watched them get themselves stuck on the top of my fence and then stumble-bum their way down.  By the time I got my camera they were settled in under the bird feeder and enjoying their meal. 

Apparently mama and daddy didn't teach them to run away when humans show up.  I was about two feet away snapping pictures and they just calmly looked at me and kept right on eating. 
I didn't have the heart to take a whack and chase them away.  They are kind of baby-cute.

I just Googled and learned that raccoons are highly intelligent and adaptable, and can be very destructive (as if I didn't already know that). I think I'm going to have to take steps to clean up my patio area of anything that attracts them.  So hey you two ... just know that you got a reprieve ... for now. 


  1. we have an on & off problem with raccoon & opossum so you have my sympathies. In the past, we have trapped them & then released them at a friends place in the country.

    We are having trouble with a massive raccoon - biggest I've ever seen that brazenly comes around to see if the cats have food, even in daytime. This thing is HUGE - too big 4 the trap & has no fear

  2. I'm a little concerned now that I have seen BABIES. I don't want to be over-run with raccoons ...

  3. Qu'ils sont beaux ! En France nous n'avons pas de raton laveur!

    Gros bisous à vous...

  4. They are kinda cute, but I think they could become a nuisance. Glad we don't have raccoon here in Hawaii. Bry is pretty happy about that too. We have mongoose, that is about the closest thing, but they don't give us much trouble.

    Love reading what you've been up to.


  5. What cute little raccoons. At least you got some great photos of them. I wouldn't have shooed them away either.
    Good luck.


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