Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What About MY Stuff?

I haven't been much of a regular blogger for the last few months for many good reasons. I'm almost always a very busy person and I pride myself on being able to multi-task and accomplish a lot on any given day.  However ... about the last month or so I have come as close as possible to a tipping point.  One of the few Spanish phrases I know has been running through my head: NO MAS NO MAS!

Several things are contributing to the chaos, but the most demanding lately has been the push to help my older sister downsize from a one-bedroom condo to a studio apartment in very lovely independent living place.  I found out even a small condo can hold a lot of stuff!  It has required a lot of storing and disposing of 20 plus years of living. My sister has three boys and one girl. Unfortunately, one of the boys lives out of town, another just returned from 4 months out of the country, and the third is a pilot so he's hardly ever home.  That left the only daughter to help her Mom prepare for the move, both emotionally and physically. After all, my niece ONLY has a husband and four children (two in college and two still being home-schooled)!  I had to help!

I see an end in sight - we're scheduled to finally move my sister into her place in another week or so. This whole experience has left me with a chilling thought: What about MY stuff??  I have a condo with two floors, a basement and an enclosed patio.  I don't consider myself a hoarder (except for art supplies!) but my place is certainly full of STUFF.  A few years ago, one of my online friends, Stacey from Artsnark Artifacts, featured my studio space not long after I had remodeled it.  Looks nice, huh?

 Here's what it looks like this morning when I'm in the throes of several different projects. Total chaos.

I'm not getting any younger - in fact, my birthday is this coming Saturday and I'll be one year away from sliding into another decade.  I'm reasonably healthy now that my back is fixed so I'm certainly planning to be around a lot longer, but we never know, do we?  And my great line always has been since I don't have any kids to lay a guilt trip on it's up to me to take care of myself in my old age.  :-(

So ... once my sister is settled - I know better than to say when things slow down because they never do - I intend to do two things: start sorting my place to get rid of stuff that doesn't pass the "need it" test. And to review my estate papers to see what I can do to leave instructions about what to do with my STUFF and take the burden off my relatives and friends.  I guess how much you think about these things has a lot to do with how old you are. 

Did I think about this before a few years ago? No way. What about you? Do you think about what you'll leave behind, besides people you love and hopefully sweet memories in the minds of those people? I'm pretty sure the STUFF won't mean as much as that does.

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