Monday, March 19, 2012


For those of you who don't already know, Etsy members are encouraged to create treasuries, a collection of Etsy artists' work that suits a specific theme.  For the curator, it 's a fun way to browse the thousands upon thousands of works and pick out your faves. The prize for the curator is to be picked - praise be - to appear on Etsy's front page!  Artists like to be included because it invariably generates traffic and followers to their page and - praise be - a sale! 

Once in a while I hit the jackpot and create something that has all the "right stuff" to be picked for treasuries. My most successful Treasury-worthy product so far has been these Sound of Music gift tags:

I have lost count of how many times these tags have appeared in "My Favorite Things" treasuries. In fact, I created a treasury myself with that theme a long time ago.  I have no proof, but I have a feeling that these tags had to be the initial inspiration for other people's collections because you can't help but think of the song.  Ahem, being boastful for a minute ...

More recently, I seem to have hit upon the right stuff with two more recently listed products.  My bright yellow frames are the leading champions right now. I have a rough count of 15 treasuries - make that 16; another one popped up while I was writing this (see below) - so far that include these frames.  I guess they're hitting the mark since so many of us are having spring-like weather so early this year.

Reclaimed Bright Yellow Frames - Set of 3

Following close behind is this aqua and lime green collection.  Not as many as the yellow so far, but hot on those yellow tails!  

Reclaimed Aqua and Lime Green Frames - Set of 5

Besides being thrilled when I'm chosen, I love seeing how other people put collections together. And I find lots of products that I love in these treasuries as well.  If you want to kill a few hours and browse a whole bunch of treasuries, go here.  The variety and talent is outstanding. Here's two of the latest collections with my frames.

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