Monday, March 12, 2012

Not Monday Moanin' Today

No moanin' this Monday.  Even though today is a rainy, dreary day, the rest of the week is forecasted to be in the SIXTIES!! And that makes me very happy!  I may actually get out to clean up my patio a little - probably the earliest ever I have been able to do that.  Do you think it needs it? In my defense, I have to say that last fall I was still recuperating from my back surgery so a more thorough cleanup just didn't happen.  I should be embarrassed to show you this - I suppose it could be a Monday moanin', now that I think about it. 

I hope the weather holds for the spring and summer because I'm planning big updates out there ...  Stay tuned. 


  1. That doesn't look too bad to me Felicia. You should be able to knock that off in no time.

    Most importantly...

    Have fun doing it.


  2. I agree- it doesn't look bad at all! In our household, the mess just gets shifted from one area to another! Then when our yearly Super Trash day rolls around, I de-clutter as much as I can....but of course there's always more clutter to take it's place! Happy Monday- enjoy your beautiful weather- it's going to be gorgeous here too!


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