Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sunshine and Artists and Trades, Oh My!

It was such an un-Michigan winter day today! Bright and sunny, with temperatures in the 50s.  A perfect day to spend with a group of like-minded artists who are part of a newly formed Facebook group: Southeastern Michigan Artist Trading Spot.  Some of the artists knew each other, but most of us met for the very first time today.  The spark that got this all going is Joyce Matthews who graciously opened her home for us.  And she creates the most adorable sock monkeys.  (Seriously, you've never seen sock monkeys like this. See the end of this post.)

 We all live near each other in cities north of Detroit, and part of the impetus in getting together today was to bring our no longer needed or wanted supplies to trade with each other.  Of course, we also shared snacks and wine and lots of laughs while getting to know each other.

And about those supplies ....

'Splain to me how we all went home with MORE stuff than we came with!  I knew that was going to happen.  Artists!  We are such crazy "I can do something with this" people ...

That's me above with Joyce. I was so impressed with these women - they are all so accomplished!  Most of them not only have an online presence, but they also have their work on consignment in many different shops in the area.  I'm so looking forward to getting together again.  It's nice to be around people who "get" you, isn't it? 

Listed below are images and links to the shops of those women who are online.  Take a peek - you'll love them all. 
Made by Marsha

Sunshine's Friends

Micah 7

Luscious LaVerne

Felt On The Fly

It's So Patty Designs


Brass Menagerie
Divine Iguana
Molly Coddle

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