Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1930s Portrait Frame Redo

My sister is downsizing to a smaller home so she gave me this framed wedding portrait of my mother.  It looks okay in this photo, but it was actually in pretty bad shape. The photo had slipped in the frame and the entire backing had been patched and glued and partly held on with thumbtacks (!).  It definitely needed reframing. 

I hadn't noticed until I dismantled it that it has curved glass in the style of the time.  That made me a little nervous - I didn't want to break it. 

Basically I repainted the frame, cleaned the glass, remounted the photo, cut a new backing sheet, and added a dust cover to the back.  Here's the final result.  It's a little tough to capture a photo of something behind glass, so I played with this a little in Photoshop to eliminate the glare so you could see the improvement.  

I'm happy with the reframing, but I'm not real crazy about the hand tinting that was done.  My mother was a very pretty lady but, if you look closely, the coloring on her face makes her look a bit clown-ish.

Here's a straightforward wedding portrait of my parents.  She looks much better without the re-touching!

This photo is already framed and hanging on my photo wall and I'll now add the new portrait of my mom. I would take a picture of it hanging on the wall IF I HAD ANY DECENT LIGHT IN THIS HOUSE TO TAKE PHOTOS!!!  Sorry ... it's a sore subject with me.

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