Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tip: Two unique containers for houseplants

As I was cleaning house the other day (yes, I do that occasionally!) it occurred to me that I should show you two easy containers for house plants.

I had a large plant that had outgrown its container.  I wanted a floor-standing pot since I'm limited on table/counter space, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money.  So I headed off to my local Lowes and Home Depot stores to look for ideas.  These plant pots were on sale at half off.  They are light pots made of some sort of composite materials.  I bought two, used my E-6000 glue, and glued them together.  Works perfectly!  My new plant stand is light so there's no problem moving it around when I clean.  I had intended to paint it but I was too anxious to repot the plant so I left it as is.  It works in my color scheme as it is but if I get bored I can always paint it later.

 (Please ignore brown tips and dead leaves, please.)

The second idea is one I have used many times in the past, although I only have this one going on right now. I like/sort of collect tins, either vintage or reproductions or just contemporary food tins that I like.  I have quite a few tins from DiCamillo Bakery - I think they are soooo beautiful!

I discovered a long time ago that standard plastic pots - the ones with a lip on top like this one - fit neatly into my tins and other containers, with the lip nesting nicely on top.

It works perfectly and adds a nice decorative element and some height to your houseplants.

 So I don't lose track of the lids I just put them underneath.

I'm betting this would work with a lot of different containers like tea tins, etc.  Almost any round container is a candidate.  Just measure the diameter and match it up with a plastic pot from the garden center.

A word of caution: when you water your plants and some water drops into the tin, it will eventually rust.

A second word of caution: if you visit the DiCamillo web site you will be sorely tempted to buy.  Not only do I love their containers, they are responsible for my insatiable craving for biscotti. See that blue green container I showed up above?  Yep, I just bought it. (Chocolate biscotti!!)  I was a little disappointed to see that this one and some of their other containers are no longer tin, but cardboard. So be sure to read the descriptions carefully if you want tins.

Happy planting!

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  1. cool. really really love that tin - very clever idea too


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