Sunday, January 15, 2012

The flip side of Valentine's Day

A year or so ago I participated in a workshop that my friend Natasha conducted.  As I recall, one of the challenges was to write a 20-word poem and illustrate it.  I kind of like the 20-word poem idea - it really forces you to get to the point and to make every word count. 

Taking a look at these three pieces, seems they kind of represent the flip side of Valentine's Day.  For some people it's not all hearts and flowers and champagne and chocolate!  Here's three examples of mine that ended up in my shop.  I think the collages came first, then the words. The first two prints include an ACEO with the poem.  The third one is a framed collage. (These are all part of my After-Christmas sale going on right now.)

 No cupid's arrow for me
My heart beats
cold and weary
This loneliness 
embraces me
I hold it tightly within.

Pale pink roses arrive,
crisp white envelope
tucked among the thorns.
Letter unread,
she arranges the vase
and sits alone.

He controls my every move,
every appearance, every film.
Does he know who I really am?
Ready for my closeup ...

I have actually thought about starting a linky game here with that idea - 20 words, with illustration.  But I'm afraid that too many people will get turned off with the word "poetry," thinking it has to be some high art concept.  It's not.  What do you think?  Would you like to participate in something like that? 

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