Monday, January 2, 2012

Brilliant Idea, I Must Say!

Like probably a lot of the population, one of my resolutions - again - is to be more disciplined with my exercise program.  Truth is, I'm pretty disciplined with just about everything EXCEPT exercise, even though I know that it's more important for me than for most people, since I have been through so many back surgeries (and, ahem, because I'm more than a few pounds overweight).  Getting exercise in the summer is not as hard, since I walk in the neighborhood and my friend and I started walking at some local nature centers. But in the winter there's no way I'm walking outside (I hate being cold).  I have a treadmill in my bedroom but I find it incredibly boring and after 10 minutes I'm wondering how soon can I quit?!

Here's my morning routine: I have an over the bed tilt-top table that I bought to use after my surgeries.  The recuperation periods were SOOOO long and boring the table allowed me to work on my laptop. And I'm still using it.  I usually have two cups of coffee while watching Good Morning America and doing all my online tasks such as reviewing and posting on my Etsy sites, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., and reading the blogs I follow - all while sitting in bed.  Love it.

However, once I'm done with all that, I'm anxious to eat some breakfast and get into my studio so it's too easy to blow off any morning exercise.  This morning I remembered seeing those office treadmills where employees walked on the treadmill while they worked, thus achieving the ultimate in multi-tasking.



That's not me but a photo from an article in the LA Times.  My treadmill has a little platform on top so I was able to place my laptop right on it with just a front brace to keep it from falling off. It worked like a shot! I was able to walk at a moderate pace and still read the blogs I follow. No I wouldn't be able to jog and read, but I'm medically forbidden from jogging anyway because of the stress on my back.  Fast walking is the best I'm allowed to do. So every so often I stopped reading and sped up the pace for a few minutes, effectively doing interval training.

I am so thrilled that I tried this.  The best news is that 30 minutes went by just like that!!!! I didn't get bored and I was still able to read the blogs I follow with no problem.  Who knows - today 30 minutes, tomorrow maybe 60 minutes! 

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  1. This is a great idea! Wish I had room to put a treadmill in my apt and do this!


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