Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Saver, Not a Hoarder, Part Two

 I recently wrote about my tendency to save things because "I can use that for something" and my determination to start using up what I have for projects before I save more "stuff," or worse, buy more stuff. I have little bits and pieces of wood left over from both craft and household projects, so here's my latest attempt to use them.  Since I had no serious plan in mind when I started, I don't have work-in-progress pictures.  But I think it's easy to see that it was simply a question of laying it all out, painting some pieces and gluing it all down. 

 Except for the frame and beadboard backing, the rest of these items have been in my possession for at least 8-10 years, I believe. 
 You must think I have a pretty messy house!  I don't really; it's quite neat most of the time, but every shelf and every drawer is filled, especially in my studio/workroom. 
I started this project with the intention of linking up to the Nesting Place linky party for wreaths made out of unusual materials. But I wonder if I went a little TOO outside the box!!  But what's the worst that can happen?? I think I'll submit it anyway!

Also linking up to the Inspiration Board Link Party.  And Take-a-Look Tuesday.


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