Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Encounter with Irene

I recently tried sending an Etsy order to a customer whose state was in the path of hurricane Irene.  Combine that with some road construction in front of the buyer's house, and the package never made it.  Here's how it came back to me:

Yikes!!  The box was still damp and - who knew? - packing peanuts shrivel up when they are wet.  I was almost afraid to see whether my beautiful jewelry/trinket box was damaged. 

The box was packed securely in a bubble bag and I'm happy to say that it survived just fine - not a scratch!  Many years ago I owned a packing and shipping franchise, and although it didn't last long (too many reasons to go into, not the least of which I wasn't making a decent living) I sure learned a lot about how to pack for shipping.  Of course, something more fragile would probably not have made it, but this wooden box had a fighting chance.  It's now repacked and we're going to try again to get it to the buyer.

Dodged a bullet - or a hurricane - on this one!

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