Monday, August 15, 2011

Strange Garden Visitors

I wrote about my August garden on Saturday.  If you follow my blog at all you know I love my garden and my zen walks at the nature center.  However, I am a city kid after all and I sometimes get visitors to my garden that puzzle me. Fortunately, I have some nieces and nephews who know a lot more than I do about insects and animals. 

When I saw this dragonfly in my garden it was from a distance, so it looked like it had black flags hanging from its wings. So that description puzzled my nephews. Then on one of my nature walks I was able to get a better look and a photo, and now I realize it has transparent wings with these black patches.  Mystery solved: it's a common whitetail dragonfly.

This one gave me the biggest laugh of all. I thought it was the strangest critter I had ever seen.  It flew away so my brilliant mind deduced that it was a moth.  I took the photo to my nephew who said,

It's a bird poop moth!

 So I wrote to one of my favorite sites, What's that bug? It didn't take long for them to identify it.  And sure enough they said: Your moth is a Pearly Wood Nymph, Eudryas unio, and people often write in to us requesting the identification of the bird poop moth because it really does seem to resemble bird droppings.  And you know what?! That's exactly what it looks like!

And you know what else?  I have pretty smart nieces and nephews!

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