Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Saver, not a Hoarder

"I can use that for something."  How many times have you said that?  I think artists and crafters are most guilty of saving bits and pieces and scraps and that unloved something because we know that sooner or later it will be just the thing we need for a project.  In my case, it sometimes takes an awfully long time before I find that project.  For instance ...

I pulled this piece of yarn(?) out of the sale bin at a knit/crochet/weaving shop at least 20 years ago. 
I never learned how to knit, crochet, or weave, so I don't know what anyone else would do with this odd piece. But I loved it and knew I would use it someday. And here it sat until a few days ago.  

Then there's this pile of twigs. It used to be a twig wreath but I wasn't crazy about it as a wreath so I took it apart.  It sat around as a wreath for at least six or eight years, ever since I used its twin in my bedroom when I redecorated. I have a great idea for the rest of the twigs.  Stay tuned!

I can date this fabric exactly: 2005. It's left over from some booth upholstering I did for my nephew when he opened his brew pub.  I simply cut leaf shapes, sewed them back to back and frayed the edges. The berries are from those yarn "bumps."

This little birdie has been tweeting around here for awhile also.  Not sure how long, but it's definitely measured in years! It's made of balsa wood, I think.

And here's where they all ended up together:

Once again I got so "wrapped up" in making this wreath that I forgot to take in-progress pictures. But I think you can see it was easy-peasy.  I wrapped the yarn around a styrofoam wreath form (the only new thing), and tied the twig to the wreath.  I wrapped some of the yarn around my fingers to create the "nest." I then glued on the leaves, nest and bird and added a monofilament hanger.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I wonder if it qualifies as "vintage" since everything on it is so old!


  1. great job using trash and creating a true treasure ;)

  2. Your creativity is overwhelming! The wreath is beautiful, and I LOVE the little balsa wood bird.

    Hope you are doing great. ALOHA!


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