Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stop! And ...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

That Crazed Sunflower!

This week's theme at Inspiration Avenue is "Sunflower." I'm very late with my submission, maybe too late, but I just had to get my sunflower wood plaque in. 

A few weeks ago while visiting my niece, her daughters ran in and grabbed me and my camera out to the garden to get a photo of this sunflower ablaze with the sun behind it. 

I'm putting it on a wood plaque with this quote, which I think fits perfectly. I still have some finishing to do on this, but I'm pleased so far.  Not so pleased though with the photos of the plaque itself.  But I'll have to try again tomorrow.  No more energy left tonight!

Friday, August 26, 2011

I was featured!

My brand new pink and grey wreath was featured here. Thank you!

Carolynshomework Inspiration Board Link Party


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Saver, not a Hoarder

"I can use that for something."  How many times have you said that?  I think artists and crafters are most guilty of saving bits and pieces and scraps and that unloved something because we know that sooner or later it will be just the thing we need for a project.  In my case, it sometimes takes an awfully long time before I find that project.  For instance ...

I pulled this piece of yarn(?) out of the sale bin at a knit/crochet/weaving shop at least 20 years ago. 
I never learned how to knit, crochet, or weave, so I don't know what anyone else would do with this odd piece. But I loved it and knew I would use it someday. And here it sat until a few days ago.  

Then there's this pile of twigs. It used to be a twig wreath but I wasn't crazy about it as a wreath so I took it apart.  It sat around as a wreath for at least six or eight years, ever since I used its twin in my bedroom when I redecorated. I have a great idea for the rest of the twigs.  Stay tuned!

I can date this fabric exactly: 2005. It's left over from some booth upholstering I did for my nephew when he opened his brew pub.  I simply cut leaf shapes, sewed them back to back and frayed the edges. The berries are from those yarn "bumps."

This little birdie has been tweeting around here for awhile also.  Not sure how long, but it's definitely measured in years! It's made of balsa wood, I think.

And here's where they all ended up together:

Once again I got so "wrapped up" in making this wreath that I forgot to take in-progress pictures. But I think you can see it was easy-peasy.  I wrapped the yarn around a styrofoam wreath form (the only new thing), and tied the twig to the wreath.  I wrapped some of the yarn around my fingers to create the "nest." I then glued on the leaves, nest and bird and added a monofilament hanger.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I wonder if it qualifies as "vintage" since everything on it is so old!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dream Cruisin'

This year's Woodward Dream Cruise in Metro Detroit happened once again on Saturday but not without a slight hitch.  Thanks to a fast-moving storm with power outages at the height of the festivities, the police had to force the cars off the main drag for awhile.  But the cruise was soon back in gear, and the convertible tops came back down.

The cruise is pure nostalgia for those of us of a certain age. It commemorates the days in the late 50s through the 60s when “cruising Woodward” was the place to be on summer nights.  (Remember American Graffiti?  Like that.)  It’s a free event; people bring their lawn chairs, tents, food and drink and just sit and watch the cars go by all day long. It’s a fun atmosphere and you never know what you’re going to see along the route. Woodward is not closed for the day; classic cars are supposed to stay in the right curb lane to be seen, but if you want to fight the traffic, you can drive right along in the center lanes. Here's the official website: Woodward Dream Cruise

I can't say I'm a huge car buff; I just like the eye candy and the trip down memory lane. So pull up a lawn chair and enjoy these random images of features and car colors you're not likely to see ever again in today's vehicles!



Friday, August 19, 2011

Icy? In August?

When I saw the the theme for this week at Inspiration Avenue - Icy - I thought it was an odd theme, at least here in the good old USA, where we have been sweltering all summer long. But I didn't have to look very far for my inspiration - I was eating it!  (In my defense, it's Weight Watchers orange sorbet and ice cream bar!)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do you believe?

Here's my horoscope for today. Hmmmm ....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Strange Garden Visitors

I wrote about my August garden on Saturday.  If you follow my blog at all you know I love my garden and my zen walks at the nature center.  However, I am a city kid after all and I sometimes get visitors to my garden that puzzle me. Fortunately, I have some nieces and nephews who know a lot more than I do about insects and animals. 

When I saw this dragonfly in my garden it was from a distance, so it looked like it had black flags hanging from its wings. So that description puzzled my nephews. Then on one of my nature walks I was able to get a better look and a photo, and now I realize it has transparent wings with these black patches.  Mystery solved: it's a common whitetail dragonfly.

This one gave me the biggest laugh of all. I thought it was the strangest critter I had ever seen.  It flew away so my brilliant mind deduced that it was a moth.  I took the photo to my nephew who said,

It's a bird poop moth!

 So I wrote to one of my favorite sites, What's that bug? It didn't take long for them to identify it.  And sure enough they said: Your moth is a Pearly Wood Nymph, Eudryas unio, and people often write in to us requesting the identification of the bird poop moth because it really does seem to resemble bird droppings.  And you know what?! That's exactly what it looks like!

And you know what else?  I have pretty smart nieces and nephews!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My August Garden Grows ... Seriously!

Even before we headed into spring, I told myself I would have to just let my garden grow however it liked this year.  Still coping with several doctor-ordered restrictions from my back surgery in March, I knew I couldn't get out there and dig in the dirt like I do every other year.  Beyond planting a few pots of annuals, I let the perennials and climbing vines (and weeds!) do their growing largely without my interference. And grow they have - it's a jungle out there.  Benign neglect has been tough for me to handle!

I found the easiest way to deal with it is to practice selective vision - ignore the forest and focus on the smaller beauties and tranquil moments in the garden.

For instance, the coneflowers and bee balm never fail to attract bees and butterflies of all stripes (pun intended!)

My Annabelle Hydrangea never fails to delight. The blossoms dry to this soft green so nicely; I use them inside the house with my fall decorations.
These bittersweet berries will turn orange very soon and will most certainly end up in a great fall wreath.

I adore all of my roses, but they'll need special attention next spring.  With all the rain we have had they are suffering from blackspot.  But they still bloom on and make me say, "awwwwwww."

These berries from a Virginia Creeper vine don't last long; the birds love them. 

This is the first year I had a Dahlia bloom again from last year without any help from me whatsoever!

The pots I planted with annuals are doing fine, although a bit scraggly at this point. 

These petunias are the most lovely and vivid purple - just gorgeous!

Thank goodness all of my garden is protected by this garden fairy ....

... and this joyous garden lady, my very favorite ... she just makes me smile!

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